“With over 50 years in precision sheetmetal component manufacture in Australia, MFB Metal has a full compliment of current machinery.”

At MFB Metal we embrace the new servo electric technologies. New machinery is more energy efficient with reduced carbon footprints. Machinery design enhancements broaden our manufacturing ideas ensuring relevance especially for rapid process manufacturing, where offshore imports are redundant due to associated shipping time constraints.

Automation and new technologies must be explored to ensure manufacturing in Australia is viable. We offer two turret press systems both set up for ‘lights out’ automation ensuring reduced lead times and guaranteed accuracy. In fabricating we have 6 press brakes and two RAS Multibend cells, which is ideal for large panel bending, where folding accuracy is paramount.

Our expertise extends into light engineering services including bespoke tooling design and manufacture and both mill and lathe machining. We offer automated fastening via our Autosert inserting machine and corner forming of panels which is an effective alternative to welding using our innovative ACF corner forming machine.

A flat bed router provides precision drilling and machining for both batch items and prototypes. This machine accepts a variety of materials, not only steel and aluminium, but acrylic and wood.

Full welding facilities in both MIG and TIG with expertise in mild steel, stainless steel and aluminium. Our finishing includes a dual line powder coat conveyor system, ideal for batch processing with a full customer choice of colours. Our sub-contracting includes but is not limited to anodizing, zinc plating, nickel and electroless nickel plating and galvanizing.

Assembly services include a variety of riveting systems such as Hemlock and Speed Rivet. We also offer full wrapping and packaging services and we make our own wooden pallets – to size.

Turret Punching

Clever design through the complex of turret punching.

MFB utilises advanced turret punch technology with its Prima Power punching cells. Both cells are capable of high speed, high accuracy punching and forming in a wide range of materials.

This technology provides MFB the ability to provide customers with fast turnaround and a cost effective solution to their projects through efficient productivity, low cycle costs, and quick changeover of programs.

This is also supported by the ability to run autonomously through the night, and being equipped with a range of over 350 different profile tools including tapping, cluster punch and form tools.

Both turrets are capable of punching steel, aluminium, brass, copper, stainless steel and bronze.

Laser/Tube Cutting

Products made in any shape you can imagine.

MFB can provide customers with a full laser cutting service on either flat sheet or tube. Utilising state of the art CNC precision, parts can be produced to tight tolerances and specification using the most advanced lasers available in Australia. Customers can specify virtually any shape, with cut-outs, position identifying marks, location marks and even laser engraved part numbers or lettering.

Sheet Metal Folding

Press brake parts with speed and precision.

Utilising a range of press brakes for folding, MFB provide a broad spectrum of opportunity for customers wanting complex, cost effective and precision made parts. The range of press brakes and tooling available means no job is too big, or too small.

MFB can work with a number of different materials, and provide a high level of bend quality and accuracy.

The MFB range includes:-

  • Safan Darley 3.0 Meter 100 Tonne
  • Amada 3.0 Meter 80 Tonne
  • Safan Darley 2.5 Meter 65 Tonne
  • Amada 2.0 Meter 50 Tonne
  • CONE 800mm 22 Tonne

Automated Folding

RAS multiband centre – the future in folding.

At MFB we know that if you want to bend precision parts, fully automatically, at high speeds, of a high quality, regardless of batch-size, with the highest levels of flexibility and total repeatability, then you need a RAS Multibend Centre.

MFB see this technology so important to its clients and productivity, we have installed a second multiband centre.

These panel benders provide:

  • Automatic loading, squaring, bending and unloading
  • Streamlined conversion from 3D model to folding program
  • Automatic folding sequences
  • Fast part processing
  • Automatic tool setup
  • Highest level of precision and repeatability
  • Scratch free bending
  • One-click part programming

Corner Forming

A perfectly dressed weld free corner.

MFB have invested in the latest panel corner forming technology providing customers with a unique super-fast, weld free, dress free closed corner to their sheet metal panels.

This technology allows clients to have a professional finish to a huge range of products where a return fold is required, these include panels, doors, drip trays, lids, or cladding.

The corner former continually produces a perfect cold forming corner on Mild Steel, Stainless Steel, and Aluminium with any flange height, in thicknesses up to 5mm, and angles from 60° to 150°


Thin sheet dressed to perfection.

MFB’s team of welders are specialised in thin sheet welding and final dressing in Stainless, aluminium and mild steel materials. Providing a pre finish before powder coating, or a dressed linish on stainless, the welding team are very experienced in all facets of TIG, MIG and spot welding.

Inserting, Weld studs Rivets and Standoffs

You name it, we can add it.

MFB have a variety of machines so you can include weld studs, standoffs, self-clinching nuts, flush head studs rivets or fasteners to any sheetmetal project.

Available in a variety of materials, sizes and brands, MFB can easily source and install the correct hardware that best suits your needs.

Light Engineering

Precision parts made to order.

MFB supports its sheet metal manufacture with a light engineering centre. Utilising over 50 years in engineering knowhow, the engineering team can manufacture any custom parts using CNC lathes from a variety of materials including Brass, Mild Steel, Aluminium, Stainless Steel and plastics.

Supporting this is the in-house design team that can fully design any engineering components to your specifications.

Powder Coating

Endless colours and the strength of powder.

MFB are partnered with the best powder coat manufactures in Australia, and only use the highest quality powders when it comes to the finish of your products.

Highly skilled operators take care of your product from wash down to final inspection, ensuring all finishes meet the highest standards for powder application. MFB are also qualified in the application of finishes to MIL-STD specifications.

MFB are equipped with two fully Automatic Powder Coat lines, and three manual application booths. Also a high speed oven and slow bake oven.

When it comes to colours, the choices are endless, and with advancements in polyester powder coating technology, so too are the finishes and special effects.

Form in Place Gaskets and Glue

Sealing to IP66 in any shape or form.

Advancements in IP rated enclosures means flexibility in the way they can be sealed.

Form in Place (FIP) liquid gaskets and glue seals are extruded onto the panel for a continuous seal which are water tight and dust proof.

MFB can provide seals applied directly to the door or panel, or alternatively you can order your “Seals to Go” by providing MFB the seal dimensions and profile, and the seals are sent to you for installation on site.

And the FIP glue system provides a perfect endless seal to glass panels in metalwork.

FIP gaskets and glue offer great adhesion, CNC accuracy, fast drying time, endless profile designs, and a professional finish to your products.


Bringing parts together for a complete solution.

MFB have an experienced team that bring together components to assemble and create your complete solution, utilising leading brands of handles, hinge systems, gaskets, seals, locks and multipoint locking systems, MFB can create the professionally assembled solution you demand.


Ensuring your products arrive safe and sound.

MFB take great pride in the manufacture of products, and we want to ensure they arrive in the same condition as they leave. So MFB have access to a large amount of packaging options from bubble wrap and cardboard, through to crates, pallets and door to door services via Tautliners and containers.

MFB use industry recognised transport companies to move your goods, every part is securely packed depending on the type of transport used. Products can be shipped in a flat pack form to reduce the cost of freight. MFB have the ability to make purpose built pallets, and can also supply custom size crates.