“MFB Metal offers a dedicated Design Centre. We run Autodesk Inventor and can create 3D models that allow checking for interference whilst maintaining utmost accuracy.”

We have a robust design procedure within the ISO9001 framework. By actively working with clients, designs are developed and proposal drawings are created for review and possible further presentation. On agreement, designs continue on into the manufacturing phase with complete production drawings for in-house manufacture and sub contracting as required. We also supplement our Design process with full documentation and specification as required by ISO9001.

This process is managed via our Design Plan Checklist (DPC). This is a journey document that follows the manufacturing flow, demands accountability and ensures accuracy and attention to detail. This document is supplied with finished goods to our customers. MFB Metal will adopt customer specific QA requirements as well. This encourages our own business development and professionalism. Of course in a lot of cases customers supply their own drawings.


Autodesk Inventor offers full compatibility with all file formats including IGES and STEP files. MFB Metal has a process of managing customer supplied drawings ensuring full confidentiality is always maintained.

MFB Metal is ISO9001 & ISO14001 and we are bi-annually audited by BSI. Current certificates are available to download including our capability document and a sample DPC. We encourage factory acceptance testing (FAT’s) of manufactured parts and welcome customer auditing to ensure our systems and procedures are relevant and value add to the business relationship.

Documentations (PDF)