“MFB Metal is the solution provider for your custom sheet metal requirements.”

Complemented by advanced European precision sheet metal machinery, MFB Metal is much more than just manufacturing. We offer a dedicated Design Centre, running Autodesk Inventor Software. We can import your drawing files or develop new drawings from inception. MFB Metal adheres to the globally recognized ISO9001 Quality Management System and ISO14001 Environmental Management System. These systems drive all aspects of the business, and cements our philosophy of manufacturing quality driven products.

We offer large modern purpose built manufacturing and warehousing facilities in both Melbourne and Sydney. We offer logistics management to ensure seamless deployment of products around Australia and Internationally.

But it’s our people who make it all happen. The dedicated skilled personnel on the factory floor, thru Sales to Senior Management who provide the dynamics that continues to make MFB as relevant today as it was when it commenced trading in 1970.

We are further assisted by a range of professional sub contractors for processes beyond our scope such as engraving and plating for example.

At MFB Metal, we encourage you to support Australian manufacturing.

S30 Notebook Trolleys

ADI Class C A3927

Allied Tech Stainless Steel Ruggedized Cabinet

Sattle Ticket

Air Traffic Control Consoles

Plate Steel, Laser Cut and Plated

Laser ID marks, earth point masking, inserts and standoffs for any application

S40 Notebook Tower

ADI Ruggedized Console

Invertor Cabinets

Zinc & Yellow Parts

S2002 Console

Boxes made to order in any shape or size

Brackets in any shape or form

Solar Battery Enclosure

Nautronix Defence Cabinet Frame

Chengdu Console


Outdoor Cabinet

High speed accurate folding

Custom designs to customers’ drawings with pinpoint accuracy

Outdoor enclosures in powder coat or stainless steel